Don’t Be Too Choosy When It Comes To Your Business!

Don’t Be Too Choosy When It Comes To Your Business!

If you are in the real estate industry, then I bet you have had a sudden influx of business right? With the rates nearing historic lows and the housing market turning homes over almost as fast as they were back in 2001-2004 right before the BUBBLE burst…Yes I used the B word, so with a promising market showing house prices on the rise and interest rates being low, we are going to be set for the foreseeable future according to economists. How are you handling what clients to take on or not to? Do you feel you can be choosy now?

With those questions in mind, it is the choices your business makes now that will keep you busy going into the future if we have another BUBBLE effect. By choices, I am referring to how you plan to help everyone that you can because you can instead of thinking that you have plenty of other business and start to turn people away. What if those are the people who really need help? If you don’t help them, is that how you want your company to be remembered? Here at Lawyers Signature Settlements we take on every type of settlement that we can handle because we know that if we do a good job for someone now, they will remember us in the future when it comes to choosing which settlement company to go to.

A really good example of this is the short sale process. We do not turn away short sales because we are very good at handling them, advocating for the client with the lenders and we know the process of how to get the best outcome. In our area there have been some legal matters that could scare other companies away from doing them, but NOT US.

I give that example because no matter the market, you should not be too choosy as to who you work with because you never know what is just around the corner. This holds true no matter what type of business you are in and it is really just a part of our ethical and moral approach to business here at Lawyers Signature Settlements.

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