Networking is about building relationships!

Networking is about building relationships!

Many people think that if they simply attend networking functions enough times then business will come their way by default because people will remember them if they see them all the time. That really isn’t the case when you have so many people at some networking events and in many cases most of your competition is there too! How can you make sure to be remembered? Let’s look at 3 things you can do.

Give gifts with thoughtfulness. Let people know that you are a wonderful, good natured, trustworthy person. Outside of the networking events, spend one-on-one time with people and make office visits. When you do this, bring some thoughtful goodies. I have seen companies try to impress people by throwing high dollar gifts at them or catering an event but it really doesn’t pay off because no personal time was spent by the company to get to know each person. Here’s an example: I recently started taking breakfast to some offices of agents that we would love to work with because they themselves have great reputations in the real estate industry. Instead of dropping off some carbs and high tailing it out of there, I made sure to take healthy choices to them because I care about their well-being. I also spent time to meet other people in the office so that the next time they see me, I will be a familiar face!

Think about what you can do for others, not about what they can do for you! If you take the time to listen to people and find out what their needs are, you may be able to help them in some way. Don’t focus on getting business when you first meet someone at a networking event. Instead think about how you can help them with their business if you feel they would be compatible with you and your business. You should set up a meeting with them to find out their needs and learn about them as a person and their business. If you are able to help them in some way now, maybe later they will want to help you!

Don’t trash talk. Be positive! Here is one of the best quotes of all time that I try my hardest to live up to everyday:

“Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people.”
Eleanor Roosevelt

We are all human so cut yourselves a little break when it comes to this as long as there is no major harm to anyone else! The reason why I point this out and that it is so important is that the more positivity you can emulate, the more people are infected by it and they will remember you for your upbeat, can do attitude!

These are just 3 ways for better networking among many. Let me know your ideas here! we would love to hear them.

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