Who Is On Your Team?

Who Is On Your Team?

We held a Brokers Open in Potomac that was very successful! The reason it was successful is because of our team. We have aligned ourselves, as a company, with other companies who are complementary to ours which adds value for clients or other companies we would like to market to.

When choosing a team, you should have two goals in mind so let’s go ahead and take a look at them to see how you can create the team you want.
The level of Service you provide. When thinking about how you can provide value added service, you should think about the companies who offer services that will create the best outcome for your clients. An example of this is how we have aligned ourselves with a home staging company, Limelight Staged Homes, to come in and stage a home for the broker’s opens that we hold for real estate agents. This company makes sure that the home looks great before the open begins.

This is a two way street. I also think about how I can add value for agents. Teaming up with agents to hold these opens adds value for them because they have someone to plan the event and make it look great. In return, we get some market recognition for our company. The agents that we team up with also get my marketing and graphic design background, which comes in as a great help in creating marketing materials for each open!

Your company’s reputation. I truly believe that you should surround yourself with the people that make you feel great and positive! Never compromise your morals or integrity just to get sales because in the end you will sell yourself and your company short. Your clients will remember who you are affiliated with and if they have a bad reputation, unfortunately, that will pour over to your company.

With that said, make sure you know what reputation you want for your company! At Lawyers Signature Settlements, we know that we want to be respected, offer great service, have fun and be positive. When looking for the right relationships with other companies, we are sure to keep this in mind. We aren’t going to put our morals and integrity at stake and we would not want to be associated with a company that would.

This quote from Emerson sums it up:

“Nothing is at last sacred but the integrity of your own mind.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson

We have been very fortunate to have the right relationships come our way to build our team and we will continue our mission to provide great service in a positive way! What are your thoughts on creating a great team?

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